Hello! I don’t think this is a zbrush 2021 issue, but I don’t understand what happened: the tools became unloadable in a specific folder in zbrush, with the message ;“error has been encoutered while etc…”
As I had a security copy on another hard disk, it’s not a tragic story; still, in a work workflow, I didn’t like it; it’s as if the whole folder, with about 15 tools, became “forbidden”; I created a copy of the previous copy on the work hard disk, and everything seems to be back in order, but the initial folder is still “condemned”… well, if someone has an explanation?? thank you !!!

Hello @ Marcel,

For technical issues with ZBrush, please contact Pixologic Support with the email address your license is registered to.

The other users on the Usage Questions forum are unlikely to be able to help you with system specific technical issues.

Thank you!