saving brush presets


I spend few minutes at any zbrush session to adjust my Zintensity, Focal shift
and other parameters for every brushes I use.

When using macro, I have to select the brush first and then edit the radius and intensity.
Any chance to set the parameters without having to select the brush first?

Saying so, setting the intensity of the standard brush to x value would be:

[ISet, Brush:Standard:Z intensity, x]



You can add the path to each brush like this:

[ISet,Draw: Z Intensity, 75]

You can find the Button path for any interface item by holding Ctrl while the cursor is over the item. The path will be at the bottom of the pop-up. For brushes, select the brush first, so that its icon appears in the large ‘current brush’ thumbnail, then use that to find the path.

As an alternative you can re-save the brushes you use most often so that the new settings are stored directly with the (.ZBP) brush file. Make sure you save over the correct files in the ZBrush /ZData/BrushPresets folder and back up the folder before you make any changes in case you need to restore the defaults.

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Saving the preset as a ZBP works prefectly fine (except for the standard brush…)
Thank you marcus!

For saving brush presets :

1)Select a Brush tool on the toolbox, and then select the Brush Presets panel.
2)Create a set of customized brushes. …
3)Click the Brush Presets Options button, and then click Save Brushes.
4)Type the name of the set (with a ABR extension).
good luck …