Save to OBj

Hi all,

I want to create a simple script that save my current object under the OBJ format. I didn’t find anything in the help about saving a file. Can someone help me ?

Zb for ever !!

Either save it as a Ztool from the Tool palette or Export it as an OBJ.



There shouldn’t be any need for a script. Simply press Tool>Export. The default format is OBJ. You can also Ctrl+Drag on the export button to place it on your shelf so that you don’t even have to open the Tool palette in order to click it! After putting the button where you want, simply press Ctrl+Shift+I to store the new configuration.

Thanks you for you answers.
I fact, i want to have a “save on a server” button (not on my local PC) with the obj format.
has anyone an idea to script such things ?


The server would have a directory mounted on your box. Right? Then just save it there… Or are you asking for an FTP file transfer or equivalent?