Save default UI settings (Like UV map Size)

Anyone know a way to save certain settings in the Tool UI. Specifically every time I append a new subtool it defaults the UV map size to 2048 and if I’m using 4096 I have to click on 20+ subtools and set their uv size.

Settings in the Tool palette are on a per-subtool basis. But what you can do is use a macro to quickly change the settings you want. You will need to write the macro rather than recording it but I’ve given you an example below. It will set UV Map size for all subtools to 4096. You could easily add more settings if you want.

Let me know if you’ve any questions.

Thats so cool! Thanks!
I need to learn how to Zscript =D


I have a few scripts inside of my Etools that you might find useful. They can automatically set UV Map Size and UV Map Border on all subtools.

You can download my tools here > http://www.ericblondin.com/p/download.html

After you install it, look under “Zplugin > E Tools > UVs” and you’ll see several options for editing UVs on subtools.

Thats quite the tool. I also checked out your artwork, pretty awesome stuff. Can I ask you a question about your hair? Its something I’m trying to figure out right now, do you use a special brush to lay down all those hairplanes? Or you manually place each one.


I’m assuming you are refering to the beard on my zombie guy?

If so those were all placed by hand. That guy is pretty old and I think if I was going to redo it today I’d use xgen in Maya to make them. It’s a pretty powerful tool for creating cinematic and game rez hair.

wow, so tedious T_T. I’ll look into this xgen thing.