Saten Ruiko & Frenda Seivelun Fan Art

Sculpting the characters from A Certain Scientific Railgun again.
and this time, it’s these two characters!

sculpted in ZBrush, Rendered in Keyshot.
I’ll try to post a break down on the weekends :slight_smile: cheers!


Nice work @Pixo_Daisuke !!!


nice work, the poses give them life :smiley:

Finally got them assembled and painted :slight_smile:
Painted by my buddy : Nekonomikan

The model was printed with Form2, and then replaced with resin using silicon molds , and then painted. also, had to water mark them pretty aggressively because some companies steals my works… *sigh

hope you guys like it! :slight_smile:

4146_edit IMG_4147 IMG_4185 IMG_4176