Sasha Grey WIP




Why so many people like this whore, ascribing her non-existed talents?
Don’t answer, the question is rhetorical.

Don’t be so grumpy =)

don’t know (or care) who she is, but it looks like a good start.

Pose, done with zspheres.

Some sculpting over adaptive skin Untitled5.jpg

I love sasha grey!!! face looks great! thanx for showing the work flow with the zsphere’s please post more when finished!

Did you manually retopo after sculpting osme on that zsphere pose?

No, i roughly sculpted the body with Dynamesh, merged the body with the head (which also was a Dynamesh), then i made retopology of the complete character with ZRemesher and ZRemesherGuides brush, then I exported it to Maya (to play around with the topology and apply quick fixes to it - which to me is more intuitive than ZModeller). Then i imported it back to ZBrush, calculated UWs, reprojected high poly details and subdivisions, and finally filled the volume with ZSpheres you see on the screenshot with symmetry turned on. Then I used ZSpheres to pose the model (areas like shoulders are always problematic - so I had to fix them manually, mainly with Smooth, MoveTopology and ClayBuildup). The result is on the screenshot. But i did this only because i am not going to rig and animate the character later. If i needed to animate it or export to game engine i would probably do a neutral pose in ZBrush and a complete rig in Maya.

Lots of work ahead. Need to fine tune the uw’s, and do some detail-sculpting before sculpting skin/pores/wrinkles.


Hair guides.

Some polypaint updates.

Make-up layer and a new haircut

Some progress on rendering (Maya + Vray)