Saruman the White’ from the ‘Figures of fandom’ - Wētā Workshop

I am excited to present my second sculpt for Wētā Workshop – ‘Saruman the White’ from the ‘Figures of fandom’ PVC figure line. The wizards were among my favorite characters in The Lord of the Rings and it was an honor to have the opportunity to depict Saruman in this collectible.
This figure wouldn’t be possible without the brilliant art direction of Mark Dewes, and Jules German and Sourisak Chanpaseuth who did a wonderful job of enhancing the sculpt into its final form with their paint skills. A special thank you to the 3D Print and clean-up crew in the workshop and thank you to Kathryn Whitney for taking amazing photos of the finished piece.
I hope you like this sculpt, It was an honor being a apart of the team of this group effort.

Thank you for Viewing and I hope you like this sculpt!