Santis Sketchbook 2012

Hello everyone, I’m back!
Haven’t posted anything since January last year, so i felt it was about time to socialise and get some feedback again :slight_smile:
This first post will be some mixed stuff from the last couple of months, so not really brand new stuff. Everything is done in Zbrush, my own concepts, hope you like it :slight_smile:

First out some asymmetrical sculpting!


And here’s my first experiment with dynamesh:

The skull was made from a regular polysphere without dyna

Another dyna bust improvisation:

And a third one:

Continued in next post…











I also took Bryan Wynias design course last October, and here are the concepts I created(based on H.P Lovecrafts novel “The shadow over Innsmouth”) :

The first one is a one hour sketch:

One hour on this one aswell + some refinement afterwards… so maybe 2 hours total…

Here’s the one i settled with:

Comped the render in Photoshop :slight_smile:

That’s it for the first post, would love to get some feedback from you guys! :slight_smile:

WOW…These are great Santis.All of them…:):+1:

Just a passing thought on the last one posted…Would look greater with some stained glossy yellowish maybe color and material on those teeth…they kind of don’t match the quality of the rest of the piece…Just my personal opinion there though, for what it’s worth…:smiley:
Hey ,…Great to see you posting again by the way…:)…Looks like you’ve progressed along the way by leaps and bounds…Congrats on that…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)


Thanks a lot Glenn!
Yeah, I agree with you completely, to good hygiene for a fish monster! :lol:

Wow! Your continued studies are yielding some great results: love the concepts,solid sculpting from blocking in main shapes to detailing! Seeing someone’s work evolve like this just makes my day :+1:
Needless to say; look forward to the next :sunglasses:

Ha, ha… you´re a sicko!
I like your work very much.

Etcher: Thanks alot, really appreciate it :smiley:

HerraPuputti: Haha, thanks for the compliment man! :slight_smile:

Yes Sir awesome sketchbook, great seeing you on here mate!:+1:
Totally love your creature designs, totally my style! How was the workshop with Bryan Wynia, totally would love to have participated there :frowning:
Looking forward seeing more from you.
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • kenny:)

KC-Production: Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:
I really enjoyed the class, you should take his new one, it looks great :slight_smile:

So here are some speed scuplts, spent between 1-2 hours… but probably more towards the 2 hour mark…

2 improvised heads from spheres:

And a male sculpture from a sphere, used dynamesh:

And a bust(from bryans simple bust base):

And c+c is as always welcome :slight_smile:

awesome work ! i wish i have your talent over the time! Congrats !

Wow, awesome jobs, realy awesome.

jcfalcoski: Thanks a lot!
Just keep observing, studying, sculpting and you’ll get there in no time! :slight_smile:

onurbz: Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Next update any day now, took longer than expected…

So, in my last thread I shared a human skull made from a sphere with the community, and people seemed to appreciate it, so, having a skull laying around(a better, more detailed one) why not share it again?
May not be much, but it’s my contribution to making the world a little better :wink:
It’s the skull from the first post.
All the subdivision levels are intact, and it consists of separate subtools for the mandible and teeth.

Please, let me know if you find it useful, or just got any question :slight_smile:



(The last skull was made as a part of a complete skeleton, it’s available form here if someones interested: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/male-skeleton-c4d/566931)

the skull looking crisp buddy, nice job and thanks for the ztl!
I will not download it though, nothing bad or so but I rather do my own skull and sculpt ^^ is more practice :slight_smile:
but thanks anyway, great seeing artist sharing there work to help people study more!
Cheers Santis,

  • Kenny:)

Excellent sculpt!
I’ll agree with Kenny, I’d rather sculpt my own skull for practice (we all know I need it :lol: ).

The ONLY thing that looked a bit strange to me, if I may -

You have the supraorbital down to the overhang as one smooth piece.
It may look nice giving them a bit more definition individually.
If I feel my forehead, I can definitely tell that there are several plane changes going on to the bones around my eye (but, being of german and hungarian descent, I naturally have very prominent facial bone structure).
Anyways, just a passing thought.

Again, excellent sculpt!!!

I like the sea creatures!
Thanks for the zTOOL!

Kenny: Thanks! :slight_smile:
Yeah, that sounds healthy, but if you ever need a skull quickly you know where to find it :wink:

coreyschroeder: Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s absolutely a simplified plane, I wanted to keep it clean, but yes, you are right, it’s not 100% realistic, more stylistic. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

sadicus: Thanks :slight_smile: You are welcome!

Okay, so I also now have added a obj-file to the zip, it’s just a merged and decimated version of the ztl. It’s only 170K instead of 2,1 million polygons :slight_smile:


Fantastic Skull Santis! I love that it realistic with a nice touch of style, great work!

Thanks for charing… but is there any other way to download it rather than sharecg?
Would be nice.

daxton: Thanks man :slight_smile:

sleepyhead: Nope, I’m sorry. It’s a big file, and it’s a free site, so it felt appropriate :slight_smile: