Santa Claus - Group Stream 23 November 2021

ZBrush LIVE group stream - 23 November 2021
Had two hours to create something based on the “End-of-Year Holiday” theme. I chose to do Santa Claus . Started from a sphere using ZBrush 2022. Watch the stream on YouTube! (video attached at the end of the post)
I will likely turn this into my 2021 Christmas ornament–stay tuned!


It was great seeing all of you and fun, thanks Stephen :wink: Well done!

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Really impressed with how this turned out in just a two hour stream, awesome work Stephen!! :santa:

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Thanks @Jaime :slight_smile: It’s always a pleasure to be part of the community.

@KyleJ39 Thanks a lot man! I was so pleased that I could get something completed in the time limit! :rofl: There were a couple of times where I felt like I wasn’t sure I would, but he turned out nicely! haha. So much fun!

great job Stephen. It was awesome to see him being made in the stream.

Thank you Paul! It was nice to have you there too!

So as part of today’s group stream, I tried to repurpose my Santa model and create a Mrs. Claus to complete the set, but alas, I didn’t get all the way through. haha. Maybe someday I’ll finish her out.

Both Santa and Mrs Claus have the munchies…

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Well, with the world’s best chocolate chip cookies at hand, you’d better believe it! Haha!