Sanctus Georgius

The work was inspired by the work of the British painter Solomon Joseph Solomon, Sanctus Georgius. He is an artist whom I like very much. I tried to show the feeling of oil painting in CG art. It was a very hard and interesting experience.
By the way, I used to be just a CG enthusiast, but thanks to Mr. Yang Guang, I had the opportunity to turn my hobby into a career. Thank you very much.
ST_L_10.jpgST_R_10.jpgST_G.jpgST_R__10.jpgST_P_10.jpgST_U_10.jpgST_NV_10.jpg2019-01-29 122611.jpg2019-01-29 122616.jpg









2019-01-29 122611.jpg

2019-01-29 122616.jpg


Really amazing! stunning work! :+1:

Wow man, incredible. Could you share some wips and say about your workflow?

Stunning work it is always challenging copying a master painter like Solomon you did an excellent job bringing his style to your sculpt . :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

This is awesome, beautiful work :smiley:

Truly this is a Masterpiece. Likeness, face expression, muscle tension, posing… everything is perfect. Don’t saw for a long time anything to match the level of this Art!

damn beautiful, captured the energy of the original perfectly, while adding your own flavor.

Very beautiful work!!
Great work :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic piece. I’m floored by the execution! You should be very proud.

An inspirational piece of art!

I am quite intrigued on how the painting process was achieved, hand painted or procedural?

great technical work all around, wonderful movement, form and dynamics

Amazing piece of art!

amazing work!! really liked the way you brought the feeling of the painting into your work. Awesome!!

Incredible work, this is really impressive

Just know that your work inspired me to start learning 3d.