Hello people, been a long time since I’ve posted anything.
Have been working on this project for the last few days on my free time.
Started with a google reference search and build the basemesh in maya.
Today I did last basemesh and uv refinement, and lastly imported all the objects into zbrush and did some preparing by subdividing 1 or 2 times depending on subtool.


I have two questions.
When in maya I add crease property to edges am I able to preserve this in zbrush when subdividing?

Hair that seems to be very hard to get right. As you see in the reference any suggestion to how to approach this?





Unfortunately no, I don’t believe the crease edge tool will carry over to Zbrush.

What you could do, is divide it a couple of times in maya before you export it (preserving the edge crease). Then once you are in Zbrush you can hit the reconstruct subdivisions button in the geometry tab. That will take you back down to your base SD level, but leave the higher SDs that have the crease effect that your looking for. After that you can go back up to the highest SD and divide as many additional times as you want.

Hope That Helped. :slight_smile:

Is the hair Single Sided?

I don’t think their is any really good way to do hair in Zbrush. especialy not the thin wispy hair that is in the picture.

Yea, that’s how I preserve creases as well. The only thing you have to be careful with is that it changes the point order of the base mesh, which would affect blendshapes.

The base mesh looks like a good start. The arms seem a bit skinny at the top, though.

The creases made with the crease tool in maya will transfer over to zbrush IF you export it as a maya ascii (.ma) file rather than an OBJ.

Awsome comments…
Very helpful, thx!

Oh yeah… I keep forgetting you can do that now.

Thanks for reminding me/ us. :smiley:

Planes+Alpha, Normal, And texture maps seem to be the way to go. they give you more control and have an easier time mimicking some of the more crazy hairstyles. I’m not sure if you’ve seen Advent Children but that was done using planes.

Regless: Yes I thought of that since I have been looking over lots of reference by people doing hair. The most friendly method seems to be planes as you say. Advent Children, yeah that one is great. Didn’t knew that the hairs where done with planes in Advent Children, looks so good.

thx for the comment.

Gonna post a progress pic soon when I am done with the planes.

So I think I have mostly done the hair, might add some more planes later…
I did test out to add a thickness to every plane by extruding each plane and then collapsing the edges, this method might look pretty good since the planes won’t look so flat when textured+alpha…


Very nice, that looks like it will work!

Here comes an update.
I´ve focused mostly on the torso here and a bit on the knees. I did play around with the face but can’t get satisfied. I’m going to give the face a few more tries, since I would want to get it as close as possible to the reference as possible.
I did a simple coloring just to get a feel for the modelling, don’t let that distract you.



Wow! It looks like it’s come a long way.
Nice job!:+1:

Your on your way there! I can’t wait to see her with eyebrows :slight_smile:

hello ppl!
I have some free time this week so I will be trying to do as much as I can on this project.

I’m going to give you ppl a heads up on what this project is for…
At the moment I work as a guard for a security company, which doesn’t leave me much time to build my portfolio. Got to pay the bills :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure many of you know how that is.

Hopefully with your help I will be working on a couple of projects and gather up a portfolio so that I can start my search for a job in this business. /

Here comes an update where I have worked on the face. I’m happy about the mouth and the nose, but not as much when it comes to the eyes. Eyes are really complicated part of the face.

Don’t be shy, critiques helps!



Recently I started to work on this project again since I have some free time.
here is a update and also a test with polypainting in zbrush…
rendered in zbrush and som PS adjusements… got to love zBrush! :d

Excellent work on the chest armor. :+1:

Her anatomy needs quite some work still, though and it appears to me you are kinda rushing things a bit by polypainting the body at such a rough stage of sculpting already. I’d focus on the silhouette and contour some more before moving on to other stages.

Your overall concept looks very promising, so keep us posted. :slight_smile:


thx for the comment. yes you are right about the body and it is on hold at the moment… pls note that this thread is very old, just a few days ago I picked it up again… :slight_smile:


I know what you mean be picking up old projects :wink: but I just want to say the amour bust looks incredible :+1:

A simple overview of something else that I’m working on for this project too…


I really like the polygonal hair you have there.