Hello all :slight_smile:

here my new personal work.

thanks to Bruno Gauthier Leblanc for concept http://inkertone.blogspot.it/

model in maya and zbrush, render in keyshot

hope you like it :slight_smile:

C&C are welcome :slight_smile:




I like it but the fact that he has that metal looking thing on his waist makes me wonder two things. What is it used for and if it is connected to the helmet.

maybe my title is not appropiate, he is a Cyberpunk Samurai :smiley:

as you can read in the Brunoโ€™s blog "Itโ€™s inspired by the tale of the blind samurai with a little cyberpunk twist :slight_smile: " (visit his blog, he is a great artist! http://inkertone.blogspot.it/search?updated-max=2012-12-04T05:02:00-08:00&max-results=7 )

so, i have seen his concept and i love it, so i decide to replicate in 3D :slight_smile:

thanks for comment :slight_smile:

for the back i must use my fantasy :smiley: here you can see a clay :slight_smile:

Nice work, love the rendering!

Nice Work!

-Heโ€™s got some ballsโ€ฆ