Hello I will do a Samurai but first I have to start with the head I am based in the head of the actor Ken Watanabe who performing the last samurai and I have problems with the shape I accept critics and suggestions :smiley:



Hello I am continuing sculpting a samurai this new advance I fix it the shape (I think that some suggestions are welcome) and I add some alphas to test the alphas the critics are welcome :smiley: more if is about the shape thanks for your time :+1:


Hello again I still working in my Samurai but staring I have problems with the shape of the face how do you see it? does is good the shape? thanks for your time meanwhile I post the body is still work in progress but the moment I am worry about the face please a little critic :slight_smile: I am open


Face Fix wip.jpg

Samurai 01 All WIP.jpg

Hello I still working in this project but I have problems with the shape of the face I have 2 models but I donโ€™t known which is better please a little help :slight_smile: critic will be acceptable



Hello I have a question about render how could I render metal materials in zbrush? because I download a material who is named as titanium and I have 2 lights but when I render the material is look like matte what could I do?


thanks for the page meanwhile I have finish a part of my samurai the body and a little test of render I hope you like it :smiley:


Final Render.jpg

Face 01.jpg

Face 02.jpg