Samurai Goku Black Rosé

Big Fan of Dragon Ball Super here.
I have been working on this one On and off in my free time and here is the final result.
I hope you will like it, please feel free to share your thoughts and critiques.
Thank you!


awesome work dude ! how did you do the thorn cloth ?

keep up the good work
stay safe

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Great character! I like the neo and classical japanese style combination

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Thanks a lot bro, glad you liked it.

Thanks man, glad you liked it.
So there are not just the one way to do it.
My approach was to create a tube brush with small size, put the stroke graph however you want and go crazy everywhere.
Hope I answered.
Stay Safe bro.

Lovely work @akash.singh !

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Thanks a lot bro!

Love this!! the armor and the ornaments are amazing!!

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Thank you so much!