Samson and Dalila

Hello everyone!This is my new work《Samson and Dalila》the original oil painting is the work of artist Anthony van Dyck,《Samson and Dalila》It tells about 1150 BC,Hebrew hero Samson after being used by the Philistines as a beautician,

Revealed the secret of his invincible power,Then the Philistines cracked the magic and A tragic story of death.

This is also my first CG work.I’ve been following ZBrushCentral for a long time,Saw a lot of talented artists here. Their work has always inspired me,Let me keep trying. I will continue to update my work in the future. I love art, Willing to devote all my time and all my life to artMinistry energy,In this impetuous world,

I want to calm down and do such a 3d oil painting. Let more people know about this oil painting, Let more people love art. at last,Thanks to ZBrushCentral for providing this great platform for learning and communication.