The lowdown…

Some quick…‘ish’ rock sculpting practise before attempting to start up a bigger project. Rendered and lit in Arnold and Maya.

The Ai Influence…

The relevance of this project was for me to start building a proper library of essential tools when tackling environment work in Zbrush, so for example, this forced me to create bird brushes with various flight cycle poses, as well as grass and trees etc.

This is also the first project I have used Ai as a means of inspiration, which in my case is MidJourney, and it was able to generate some random shapes of rocks based on my text input. Certainly looking forward to incorporating this more as a means of generating ideas for further development.!


Great work!

@meysamasadi Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Love it, nice render/lights too. The addition of scarce vegetation gives life to the rock formation. Well done and refreshing to see environment works where ZBrush is used extensively. Thanks for sharing @Hasenjager :slight_smile: Saw one of the birds about to land on the rock, looks like a dove? Perhaps a larger bird type (eagle?) would have been more appropriate? Well done!

Thanks @Jaime!

I appreciate the feedback and will definitely keep that kind of creative thinking in mind for next time. :slight_smile: