Sam'and没n, the Warrior Dwarf

Hi guys,

here is my last work, done in my spare time in the past month.
may the God bless Pixologic for all tools and techniques it provides.:stuck_out_tongue:
this piece was rendered with Redshift renderer. it actually was my first try with Redshift and I鈥檓 super satisfied with my experience with it! :+1:
the concept was inspired by a sketch by my friend Saeed Ramez.

your criticism and constructive comments are most welcome.

plz welcome him, Sam鈥檃nd没n, the Warrior Dwarf



beautiful work. thank you for sharing.

I really appreciated the details, you have a very good eye for it

gabo1991 : ty
Gustavo Monteiro : thank u

another angle


Awsome work!
How did you do the hair?

Psycotik thank U.
here is for U

this is a rough breakdown of the hair I created, sry if it鈥檚 a bit abstract.v

and i used Xgen for maya.

i hope it was helpful.