Sam Williams: The Batman (2022) Costume Dept. work

Hey zBC, it’s been too long! Thought I’d share some of my work on The Batman from a few years ago with you guys, most of this was in the James Field’s Art of The Batman book but there’s a few other bits and angles and stuff. All copyright belonging to WB/DC.

Design credit to the ever so talented Glyn Dillon and Dave Crossman. Catherine Durran was costume designer but the suit was mostly Glyn and Dave.
Costume FX HODs Pierre Bohanna and Toby Hawkes.
Breakdown dept run by Laura Renouf and Jessica Scott-Reed.

Stitches applied by the Costume Workroom run by Jenny Alford.


These are illustrations of what was 3D printed as the final version (-stitches).
Broken into the relevant panels and printed separately to maintain fidelity in the detail, references for the stitch holes were left in the print but they were applied by hand after casting and construction. There’s a level of base damage in my sculpt but more was added practically after casting. I generated the leather texture from macro photogrammetry of real leather samples and made displacement maps. Overall thickness of 2.5mm with seperate inner skullcap to give form to the urethane makes it look much more like wetform leather than a solid cast lump, it locked it into position on Rob’s head too. I thought this was kinda cool because the skullcap could theoretically be made from a ballistic material in the film-universe.

Internal mechanisms for dressing and collapsible mold core modelled by Conor Breen.
Mold and cast by Victoria Hayes and Rachel Roberts.



This was the full final maquette sculpt, most of the components here are close to or became the final printed versions.
Belt buckle was modelled by Chris Eldridge and he prepped the upper arms and pauldrons for print from this model.
Conor Breen and I prepped the chest plate togther, with him doing all the clever bits and the knife. The chest, pauldrons and upper arm fabric components were covered in fabric then molded and cast in urethane and painted.
The soft parts of the suit and cape were done by Jenny Alford’s workroom and the leather parts, belt components, gliding cape and boots were all done by Ian Jones and his team.

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