Salamander in the mud!

3D recycling! Combining these two old works (the mud and salamander) to come up with a new one. Hope you like it!

salamander_mud_900_01 salamander_mud_900_02 salamander_mud_900_03Timelapse 3D modeling

SaLamander from jordddi on Vimeo.


outstanding work

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Really nice! I like the renders.

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Hey! Thanks a lot!! Really glad you like this one in the mud! :wink:

Glad you like it :wink: Thanks!!

Great job Jordi!

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Hi Jaime!!! Really appreciate your support!! THANKS A LOT!

Nice work @jordicerda!!

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Wow Really nice!:ok_hand::heart_eyes::fist:

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I Really appreciate you like this little guy :wink:


Thanks a lot!! :wink:

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As others have already stated… really nice renders. :+1:

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Thanks for your kind words!! I really appreciate it! :wink:

Thanks a lot @jaime !!!

@jordicerda Very nice!

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