Sailing Wolf - Creature concept

Hi everyone! Here’s a quick project I made in my free time. Didn’t found the time to push it as far as I would have want to, but you know…!

“Myths about sailing wolves were used to be told by old navigators from the north in search of answers to explain the misunderstood nature of the sea. It have been told that whoever would taste a drop of their blood would acquire everlasting life, forbidden knowledge and the ability to drift by the tide . Stupid story for those who have never been lost by the vastness of the oceans, but for them…”

I like to ground my work into simple stories and fiction. Most of the time, when clients ask me to picture something for their project, they don’t have a very sharp idea about the story they are trying to tell. I like the fact that concept artists can be involved, sometimes, in the writing process.

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