Sagittarius armor

good render and mat where did you render this?
if it is zbrush which mat did you use.
if it is other 3d prog. please do tell. I have some difficality make render like this.

I made this render with KeyShot.

Waw… Thats really cool man!!
Love st seya…

BTW I made 2 golds materials theyre on the pixo download page. You can have fun with it.

Great job!

Thanks for your comment, and…give me the link!!! :smiley:

Dark Sagittarius, It was only a test and I liked the result. :slight_smile:


Wow it looks amazing. Looking at the gold one I can’t help but think how freaking heavy this armor would be. Really beautiful work

Thanks for your comment, and yes it is a heavy armor. You must have a very high cosmos to use this armor! XD

This is cool. Still trying to figure out where the Sagittarius part comes in but it’s killer work! Well done! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Gran trabajo Fernando!!

Gracias Gonso. Me alegra que te guste la armadura. :slight_smile:





Wonderful design. Great way to shape your fantasy.

Thanks for your comments. :slight_smile: