"Sacrifice" Frazetta Sculpt

This is a collectible concept based on a Frank Frazetta drawing. I don’t know if there is a name for it, but I call it “Sacrifice.”


Sacrifice color renders 1 sml.jpg


Sacrifice color renders 3 sml.jpg

Sacrifice color renders 4 sml.jpg

Sacrifice color renders 2 sml.jpg

Sacrifice color renders 5 sml.jpg

Sacrifice color renders 6 sml.jpg

Amazing work and great execution of original piece. I really like it!
How did you render it?

Thanks! I forgot to say that it was rendered with Keyshot using the Zbrush to Keyshot Bridge.

Annnnnnnnd We’ll see ya on the Top Row :slight_smile:

Great sculpt! You nicely captured the energy in the sketch.

Thank you truubluu!
Thank you carver!

uh nice one. great dynamic in the poses. the look on her face is frightening…in a good way though :smiley:
i’m curious about how you tackled the hair. any special method?

Thank you lopster!

This is the basic process I used.

Hair Tut.jpg

Yet another reason, why you’ll be TR sooner rather than later. :slight_smile: