Sabertooth's Jacket

Hi everyone, here is a breakdown of my last post with a few more beauty shots. I have a closer look and breakdown videos on my artstation.

ArtStation: SoMuch3D
Instagram: SoMuch3D


Beautiful work! Thanks for showing your process!

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Great work! Sculpting clothing is a real challenge and this looks very well done!

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Really nice! The extra info will be helpful to other artists, too. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much! It was a fun but long process from start to finish. There are no real procedural filters or short cuts to getting the exact look you want sometimes. So I don’t mind getting into the fine details manually. When it came to creating the leather cracks and edge wear I had to do just that. Same with hair card placement. Do whatever it takes, right? haha. 2 weeks hours later. lol

Thank you! Yeah it was challenging but a welcome challenge. I don’t use marvelous designer yet as a part of pipeline, so I’m a bit old school like that. However, i think I will incorporate it into my next works. We’ll see. Until then… back to the wacom sketching cracks and folds, :sweat_smile:

Thanks! yeah as much as I enjoyed makes this asset I thought the process and breakdown would be just as rewarding and beneficial for others. I have videos of the break down in substance and marmoset in a bigger post on artstation. Please check it out and follow. Cheers.