Sabertooth Tiger

My concept of a sabertooth Tiger,.

More of it on my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/idiependaal/

Had the rough concept sculpture lying around from a sculpt session a few years back. and used it now to test some yeti fur grooming. Since before this i mainly used xgen.

Was pretty tough getting it to this point, to big of a groom for my old system.

Will share some work in progress sequences and screenshots soon.

Learned a lot of the yeti grooming basics on this one, and added snow on top and in the groom with instancing on the curves. I did chunks. ,best would be to do it on a snowflake level if you got the cpu and ram for it.

But jus wanted to have this one presentable quickly, things can be improved. But good enough for this 3dconcept. Allready took a good amount of time:)


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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Looks really nice :tiger2: Great work!!