'S P I C L Y P E U S'

Hello friends
Here is my latest work ‘Spiclypeus’.
For this asset I have started modelling from a base skull model and muscles.
I have used Texturing XYZ displacements for scales projections and fine tuned and modified in Zbrush.
In this project I have learned a lot many new things from the texturing and lookdev point of view.
Specifically I have tried to focused on how to get realistic results in less time in comparison to my previous project.
And finally I am publishing this work today It seems to me that there are still some things that can be improved But calling it done for now!
I hope you like it and would love to know your thoughts.
Thank you



Beautiful job overall, the detailing is amazing, congrats @Ajinkya_Vartak :clap:

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Thank you very much!!!

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