S k i n s

I’ve been working on several new skin setups this week and this is the best I’ve managed so far. More to follow when I work out how to upload (I’ve had
a brainfart again and I can’t seem to upload to ZBC so I’m linking agiain)




Rimasson we are in the 3d paradise.

Impressive skin friend.

We want to see more.



Good to see more posts from you Southern !..its from guy’s like you i got interested in Zbrush in the first place !


Great modeling as always and the skins are terrific!!

Just when you think it can’t get too much better…

Amazing! I’m getting tired of giving 5 stars…:wink:
Can you give us some details about your skin setup, please?

Nice work Glen. I had some skin ones I have yet to post as well around here some where, just as soon as I get 10 minutes… :wink:

This one is quite nice, the only thing I notice and it just might be the compression was that you need more pores. I was working very hard on this, as it seemed to really make skin pop with the tests i was doing.

Nice work , I like the skin and the eyes , they look painterly.

So how’s lil southern , done keeping you awake at night ? :wink:

Good to see more posts from you Southern
I just want to say that your artworks are the thing which make me love Zbrush
looking great :+1:

How in hell do you guys get these great textures, I spend ages pushing & pulling sliders & then give up…any chance of a tut sometime;)

Glen it was your work that inspired me to get into ZB so I hold you responsible for my brain hurting so much…:smiley:

You never cease to amaze me, Glenn. It’s been awhile since we’ve communicated, I’ve got to search out your threads and catch up on what you’ve been doing.

I agree with Buckie, your textures are amazing. I strive to get better, but I’d love to see more texturing scripts out there.