Ryuko Matoi (Based on Illustration by Jimbobox)

My take on Jimbobox’s amazing illustration of Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill! (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L2PEP)

Did little to no post work/compositing on this one to try and push the visuals primarily through the rendering software. I enjoyed experimenting with the lighting on this! I hope you all like it!

More images/vid on my artstation:



Killer work here, and love your presentation!! Lighting experiments paid off for sure :slight_smile:

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Her pose is great! I really liked it!! And agree with @Solomon_Blair, beautiful presentation @Ngov3D ! :+1:

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Crazy cool!:blush::relaxed:

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it’s capturing the essence of that character, very well! :clap: very nice!

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Amazing shapes and pose. Nice work :blush:

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you are crazy!! stunning work…

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Beautiful! This has a lot of punch. I´ll have to emulate this sort of shapes in the future…