Ryan's Tools Free Plugin (includes EasyPrimitives, TrashBin, CenterPivot, and more!)

I’m happy to announce the release of my collection of custom scripts as a plugin! Thanks to Marcus Civis and Nick Miller for the help learning zscript.

ryanstools screenshot.PNG
With EasyPrimitives, I almost never use append, insert mesh, gizmo primitives, or initialize anymore for primitive creation. It just puts a perfect primitive right where you want it, it it’s own subtool, in the right size, taking symmetry into account.

EasyMesh makes dynamesh just work like you’d expect it should.

There’s some simple buttons for working with color and material along with a one-click solution for polypainting in Morph UV mode!

Mirror and Weld works like a dream, avoiding all the annoying limitations, warnings and hassles of the standard mirror and mirror/weld features.

Trash Bin! it’s like an undo for deleting subtools. No more annoying warning popups! no more crying over accidentally deleted subtools!

An update to my Amp Detail brush is in here along with one click solutions for AntiAliasing full screen, centering pivots, Fixing canvas bugs, crease levels, subdividing without losing volume or deforming the base subdiv level, and more!

Please watch my demo vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uif0QnoHjAg&feature=em-comments

And you can download the plugin here: https://gumroad.com/l/ryanstools


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Hey Ryan,

Long ago you guided my first serious steps into ZBrushland with your 4.0 essentials course.

Just now, I accidently googled your name and watched this demo movie. So I hopped over to Gumroad and got my copy. Hope you like a few coffees or teas or whatever. (kastalia is the e-mail).
Man, this looks awesome!
I’ll have to change my interface a bit and create some new habits but that’s gladly done.


Thank’s Center pivot can be use full !

Hi Ryan,

Thanks a lot for the recent update to your useful toolset.

One thing: if I’m not mistaking, Sculpting Mode previously also switched to ZAdd mode, and Polypaint Mode also switched to RGB mode. That isn’t the case (anymore?) in this update. It’d be very convenient. Thanks again.

Great set of useful tools. I love the ampbrush, the guizmo to the object thing…these should be native to ZBrush. I wish for a real snap tool and a move to 0,0,0 coordinates (and back to original coordinates), and a stamp brush the kind of found in Photoshop to copy details… :smiley:

Great job. Thanks again.

New Update to Ryan’s Tools! version 1.5 is out now

This version adds:
Smart Split - It knows what you want to split (masked, hidden, separate geo, polygroups) and just does it with one click.

Super Smooth - like smooth stronger, but way way stronger. For those extra dense meshes

Real-World Scale Grids - grids. that are scaled to real world units.

Image Plane Primitive - loads an image with the exact geo resolution and proportions of the image. Great for extracting imagery from 2D

Simplified Gizmo/transpose switching with an exclusive Gradient Mask mode

There is now a Pro version which includes my custom Gizmo and lots of custom brushes.

Learn more here:

and get it here:

Love the latest updates, @ryankittleson ! Particularly the Balloon Xtract in version 2.1. :+1: