Ryan Kingslien Beta Images and a New Movie (4-25-07)

Hello! After seeing so much great artwork put up by our beta testers I thought I would start a thread to show you alittle of what I do while beta testing ZBrush 3.

To start out, I want to show you a new movie that shows off one of the many new ways to sculpt in the ZBrush 3, The Next Step. Think Digital Clay!
Its like ‘real’ clay only better because i’m only sculpting one side and its much easier to undo! :slight_smile:


Edit - 4/15/07

New Movie uploaded. Here I am exploring how to build form from a base head mesh. The idea is to see how i can quickly and easily create any face type I want. The rakes come in handy again. This workflow has been a huge boost to my ability to quickly block out sculpts and establish form!


Here are some other images and models (some of which will be included with ZBrush 3) created while testing and working with different features:

The Demo Head:

The Demo Soldier:

The Centaur:

Posed Centaur WIP:

Happy ZBrushing!


glorious pose dude :grimacing:

Thanks for showing this ryan.
Wonderful Stuff.
Sculpting Job is beautifully done as well.



Wow, I can not believe my eyes yet again,:grimacing: it looks like the mesh really does deform so much better and easier! I don’t know what to say, WOW digital clay!:grimacing: Thanks for postiing Ryan.:+1:

beautiful sculptures Ryan :wink: .

looking at the video, i can say that the feel and look of that is amazing :grimacing: …!!it really feels like digital clay…

I`m glad that the release is just 3 weeks away.

great work and thanks for sharing the video

Oh man, my fried, the conventional sculptor, is gonna have a cow seeing this! :smiley:

Love it!

superb! :+1: :+1: :+1:

So a rake is a thing that makes the sculpting tool like a rake head then? I see multiple gouges appearing at the same time no?

It always seems that way when you’re watching a good one.

Very cool movie Ryan. It’s a great idea, just like clay but you get to build the surface up as well as nock it back.

Thanks for sharing,


Thanks for the kind words guys. :slight_smile:

billrobertson, the rake is actually a combination of several new brush features in ZBrush 3. In this case, they combine to perform like a sculptor’s rake. In other cases they can be combined to act like a stone chisel or a wood cutter’s gouge tool.

There are hundreds of different sculpting brushes that can be created inside the new ZBrush. Another very cool one is a 3D liquify brush.

I really can’t wait till the whole community has this in their hands and starts creating and sharing brushes. :slight_smile:



So basically it allows you to rough out forms quickly? I can see why its called digital clay since the way it moves is similar to clay. Its seems like poly count isn’t an issue anymore? I don’t think you could rough out a head that detailed in zbrush 2.0 without using zspheres.

Its been awhile since I’ve heard from you!

…tool ! :sunglasses:

Very nice job man…Amazing work…:wink:

Aaah, more teasers!! Thanks Ryan. Sculpting brushes look cool! Indeed clay with an undo function. :+1:

hi :slight_smile: ryan

nice models!
It would be cool to get some info about pc
requirements - i am getting a new system which
should be able to run zb3 smoothly. As far as
i know from zb2 - ram is most important -

is that still the case? how much can zb3 use?

that’s great :+1:
I hope that the next step will be - real digital clay.

Stop teasing us Ryan!! :lol:

I’ve been using sculpting rakes and other hand made tools for years in my physical sculpture, and I’m blown away with this Z3 rake and the potential to develope your own tools for z3, I can’t wait to play. Ryan, that rake mirrors real tooling so well, I can only say, “I believed it”.

great video Ryan! is there any chance we’ll see a some videos of the more technical brushes. one I’m most interested in is the projection brush. if I understand how it works, I should be able to say import a mesh as a subtool and use the projection brush to paint the detail from that mesh directly onto the mesh I’m currently working on. this would be a great way for me to be able to reuse parts and details from my old meshes.

hello, mister Ryan. Quite a nice collection of sculpts. That raking feature seems to be great. Usefull if you want to give your work an artsy feeling to it, or to make your digital concept sculpt to look like a traditionally made maquete. The eyes and cheek bones of your first head look very weird placed (too far back), but I don’t think that the purpose of that sculpt was to be 100% accurate.