Rust - True Detective fan art

It’s been more than a year since last time I made a personal artwork, as family and daily work keep me super busy. :lol:
This is my attempt to create a realistic portrait of Rust Cohle, the main character of the great American TV show “True Detective”.

It took me nearly two months of my spare time to make this, the base mesh and hair were created in Maya, sculpted in zBrush, rendered with Octane Render, and final tweaks in Photoshop.
I will show some wip images in the next days, I hope you like it. :slight_smile:




Really really nice. The quality of the material setup and rendering is really spot on…The likeness is…nearly there. I can see who it is but looks ever so slightly off…so slightly. Top stuff. May I ask which, is any, maya plugin you used for the hair? GMH?

amazing work :slight_smile:

looks great. i think maybe the skin material feels a little soft on his face, but overall this is badass.

Thank you guys, here’s some hair test and few zBrush shots.

great job overall, but I really love the hair / fibremesh groom! did you seperate each clump using poly groups and grooming with polygroup option on?



Thank you guys!
johnchen I didn’t use FiberMesh, I modeled the hair volumes on a Dynamesh, then I used an InsertMesh brush to create the main strands, and imported them in Maya, converted into splines to use as guides for the nHair.

Really nice pipeline for the hair. Thx to share :slight_smile:

Awesome work!!!

One of my favorite Shows, and you nailed it!
The skin shading is top notch, and takes it over the top for me.
If i had one nitpick, it would be the clothes look a little too clean
ew, but again that’s just my personal cg beef.
Great work!

Thank you for your kind words sir, it means a lot to me!


nice hair!

Great show, and great work :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

This is very good work. i like the render and specially hair. cheers

Thank you guys!

very good render and composition man!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

amazing work
try to search the similarity but I never get a nice result

was really amazing

Awesome work :+1:

Superb. This is the tops! Now a little bit 'o dust and a dash of grime is all that’s needed to fit the crime!
Love it though. Great going.