Russian Mobster

Hi Everybody,

Here some Zbrush renders of one of my personal works called “Russian Mobster”.
I love sculpting clothes, I’m really fascinated by all the folds and wrinkles and I love the challenge of replicating them.
I building different clothing layers for this character, creating a jacket, his socks , underwear etc.
The final version is all textured using Zbrush and Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy it

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from Zbrush

renderings in Vray using the low res model with 32 bit displacement maps






Top notch, I love it, how did you manage the uv’s of the clothes?


The uvs are all mostly unfolded in Zbrush with minor tweaking in Maya.

Soon I will post more images.


Here some more renderings from Zbrush, I will keep showing details and all the cloth layers I created for this character.

Here the character with more other layers of clothing and more details.


Hi Luca,
I am only in my first few days of using ZBrush so my opinion doesn’t really matter, but your work is amazing.
I love the detail, can you give me an indication of how long it takes you to do such detailed work?

Hi Kev,

I’m happy you like my works.
For this character is really hard to estimate, I was doing it in my free time and I followed all the process of sculpting,retopo and texturing (even if not shown here)
If you are at the beginning just take your time an complete a really nice work, don’t worry in how long it takes you.