Ruso's Sketchbook

I have been lurking this forum for a long, loooong time… dreaming one day I would learn how to use Zbrush. At last I decided it’s time for no more excuses and start my own sketchbook.

This is my first sculpt. C&C more than welcome.

Here is my base mesh. I tried to be as anatomically correct as I could. Paying attention to proportions and anatomy. (I still need to lower the knees a little bit)


Hercules - 01.jpg

Hercules - 02.jpg

Hercules - 03-1500x789.jpg

-A toon shading Detail:

Hercules - 04.jpg

-The final image:

Hercules - 05-600x928.jpg

-Some details of the hand and feet:

Hercules - 06-600x604.jpg

Hercules - 07-600x374.jpg

-The hands posed using transpose:

Hercules - 08-600x447.jpg


Hercules - 06.jpg

Hercules - 07.jpg

Hercules - 08.jpg

-Legs detail:

wow for your first sculpt it’s very great !! you use Zbrush really good. keep it up :wink:

I like toon shaded model a lot!:+1:


Thanks a lot. I still have a lot more to learn but so far I have had a great experience and I have learnt a lot, both in Zbrush and in anatomy.

Hey, Uber.

Thanks a lot. Here you can see the different render passes for the toon shading:

Plates Composition 2-1500x3487-1000x2324.jpg

Almost finished my King Leonidas sculpt:

Ruso, truly inspiring stuff you got here. Keep up the great work :+1:

Thank you so much, Truubluu. I really, really appreciate it.

Leonidas - 02 - Turntable-1013x958.jpg

One quick sculpt for a forum challenge. Still improving my anatomy.

I have been playing a lot creating my own toon shader inside of Zbrush. Going for a Graphic Novel kind of style. I’m very happy with the results so far. Besides, being able to see the toon shader in the viewport in real time is sooooo cool and so useful. It makes all the workflow so fast and fun. Zbrush rocks!!

All modeling, texturing and rendering done in Zbrush. Some post in Photoshop just to make it look even more organic and less mechanic.

That is really sweet. What a cool shader :wink:

so here is no handdrawing involved like in your first example?

Really nice work! I love the comic book effect. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

PS. Anatomy looks great as always!

I really like the shader you have made. Great job I have played with the shaders properties myself.
It’s cool to find out what you can do once you start testing things out. Zbrush is great for that.
I agree with the post earlier, your sculpt anatomy looks very nice.

Thanks a lot, guys. Really appreciate it. The best thing of this kind of toon shading approach is that you can preview it in real time on the viewport. You just have to render to add the shadows, ao, etc. but you can really fine tune the toon look, including line edges, in real time. I’m planning to add some videos to better show this.