Royal Lion Signet by Esfandiyar Ebadi

Greetings my dear friends :relaxed:

Here, I would like to present you with another Jewelry Design I have done using ZBrush. :star_struck:

This is a real order by my customer and this model is a Print-Ready.
I call this ring: Royal Lion Signet
Also, I used Greek Patterns on the top part which will be filled with black Enamenls. :sunglasses:

This signet has 4 parts to assemble and each part can be created with various colors of gold such as Yellow, white, and Rose gold.

Ring Size: 66 European Standard for gentlemen
Total Metal Weight: 15 gr
Created in ZBrush
Rendered in Keyshot 11

I hope you like it. also, if you have any questions about Jewelry Design in Zbrush, I am glad to help and guide you:

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@vahidahmadizb2016 Thank you very much, dear Vahid. :heart_eyes:

As you know, I am trying to do my best to prove this “ZBrush is very crucial for Jewelry Design for real production lines and companies”
So far, I’ve got very good results. but still, it is not enough.
All of my posts have been made with real gold for Iranian and International Jewelry companies
I try to create more posts from my work and projects. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: