Here’s my latest personal project I just finished. It was mostly an exercise in hard surface techniques in Zbrush, where most of the modeling was done. Textures were done in Substance Painter, and rendering in Vray. Hope you like it. Any C&C are welcome. Credit to the amazing Toph Gorham for the concept. Some more renders on my site if you’re interested :slight_smile:




Fantastic! Would love to see some untextured detail renders of this.

Thanks Scott, here’s a grey shaded render:

I have seen some really awesome vehicles made with ZBrush, but, have to tell ya, this is one of my favorites now. Real cool looking tnemeth! Any tips? Danamesh? Retopo? Panel Loops? ZModoler? Hard Surface Brushes? What’s your preferred method? Don’t need a tute ( unless you really have time), but a quick explanation of how you prefer to work would suffice. Best.