Rotary Table Ideas !!

Hi guys This its my first Thread!! Sorry if i write badly, isnt my mother tounge. and codding neither!!:smiley:

Well, traditional sculpt have a Rotary Table, so why dont zb?

The timeline can be usefull to store views to better sculpt but its a bit far from i think an artist need.

So, i wonder if i can set a hotkey to go into a new mode to rotate a mesh in his own axis when its holding the key.
and when its releasing the key goes back to the last state of the canvas shows before the button was pressed.

shift +left click = plays the timeline
left click = stops the timeline
this can be usefull on a “Rotary Mode” first we set the angles of the camera then switch on, then sculpt, then switch off…

put the model in the rigth friendly scale for zbrush but the model change his scale

xyz to 0 values = center of the world of zbrush, but again its moved his position

Macro to made the angles of rotation:

[If, 1,
[IPress,Macro:Macros:Turn_Table_Sculpt_Macro] // the macro can be a recorded moves of the canvas


//ZBRUSH MACRO - Recorded
[CanvasStroke, or [CanvasClick,40,40,40,60 // i think CanvasStroke its better to record the angles of views? or CanvasClick ? idk if canvasclick its used when dont enter to the Edit Mode??

[If, 1,
[IPress,Macro:Macros:Turn_Table_Sculpt_Macro] // or maybe can be done like the Edit [ISwitch] (“Rotary Mode”)

Switch ON:
To unify the Mesh and slowly rotate in his own axis and been able to sculpt, and when the stroke touch the mesh the rotation stops or
Press a hotkey to rotate slowly in his own axis, unpress, keep Sculpting , press again the hotkey and contiues the rotation.
and then, when the switch its OFF:
Returns to the original mesh state before the unify.

I know its a Crazy idea but can be usefull. i cant remember if i saw the loop rotation of a mesh in sculptris or in a game
If u are good with codding, zscritping, can be awesome give it a try on this rough idea. or maybeee… the next zb4r9 :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a nice idea but sadly won’t work, at least not so you can sculpt while the model turns.

You can actually rotate the model by simulating a click+drag on the canvas like this:


[IButton,???,“Rotate model”,

[ISet,Transform:Rot Y,1] // need Y axis rotation


If you assign a hotkey to the button you can hold down the hotkey and the model will turn but only if you move the cursor around too! Which is not terribly useful…

The other thing you’d need to remember is that you can’t press a macro button and then have the rest of your code run. There can only be one zscript/plugin/macro active at a time and once your code presses a macro button control passes to that macro.