Rostam & Rakhsh-The New Adventure

Hi dear friends :slightly_smiling_face:, This is my new work that its name is Rostam & Rakhsh-The New Adventure.
This Legendary man is Rostam of the Shahnameh book from the Ferdowsi, A persian epic poet. Rostam is a hero and legendary character in persian national stories.

The base design was an order behalf of my client that it was for 4 month ago.
I decided work again in my personal time to create a real epic and legendary character. I did this project in Two and half month.
I chosen the sassanid period, [a persian empire] for creation this character. I used the motifs and symbols of that.

Hope you like this character and this work.


Beautiful work @3dcube​:clap::clap::clap:
Love the inspiration and how you took great advantage of your references for the detailing on gear and ornements. Well done!


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Wow, that’s a really cool piece of work.

The fur is particularly impressive.

Can you show me your know-how when you’re working on your hair, buddy?

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Top modeling!

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Dear Jaime thanks for your comment. :pray:

Hi Kongtrex. I worked the hair and fur very simple. I create the an alpha and use that.

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This tutorial is as good as your work.

Thank you very much, my friend! :grinning:

If you don’t mind, can you share your FUR ALPHA?

Your welcome dear friend.

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I was moved by your kindness.
I pray that you have a great day today.

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