Rosemaryr Sketchbook

Well, I’ve only posted a few times before, but thought it was time to start my own home thread for posting.

This is the sort of final image I tend to make (p.s. the chains were also done in ZBrush, thanks to the MultiMesh tool!):

I’ve still got a lot to learn in ZBrush, but I’m finding it very handy for some specific needs.
I mostly do clothing meshes (in Marvelous Designer) for personal art and with the v.4R6’s new remeshing, I find a whole new area opening up for me.

Here are a few of my MD garments after being treated with v.4R6 remeshing:

I love the way the new remeshing preserves the creases and pleats.






Hello Rosemaryr! I’ve seen you on the MD forums which I also just joined - so well met. I’m a new user of MD and have yet to experiment with it too much. Since I am currently in Korea I actually met with Clo3D (meeting again soon) to see about doing some things with them. So we may bump into each other more as time goes on!

Nice to know the new Zremesher will preserve details like the pleats as you said. Keep up the good work look forward to seeing more as well as doing some of my own work between MD and Zbrush.

thanks, Figmentpigment! Looking forward to seeing you in both forums!
I’ll try to keep my ZBrush work coming…

Me too! I’m finally just starting to do some personal work. I just posted my first thread as well here.

I haven’t posted anything on MD forums yet, only made a set of clothes so far to learn its primary features. Meeting with them again on monday so fingers crossed!