Rosario - game model


Not long ago I’ve made a face guide for those who struggle with getting a grip on sculpting faces https://gumroad.com/l/faceguide and decided for a few streams to do some fast likenesses trying to see how far I can go in 5-6 hours of work.

I’ve decided to take Rosario a bit further and spend a few more streams refining her and making her some hair and a facial expression.
The whole process was streamed as usual on my Twitch:

All the videos are available on my Patreon:


Fantastic!! :slight_smile:

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Amazing likeness! :+1:

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Spot on :clap:, great choice too as a charismatic face and smile. Well done @nimlot

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thanks Jaime

Awesome, well done :+1:

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i like it

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Great work! Thanks for sharing!


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She looks great! The likeness is so good

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@Morgaine @Mohamed_Eltabakh @Piggyson @Ruby_Rieke
Thanks guys

Looks amazing! Any thoughts on reskinning her as Ahsoka Tano?