Rookie Awards 2024 Entry - Breakdowns

Hello world! Please check out the breakdowns of my past works that I recently submitted to The Rookies annual «Rookie Awards 2024» contest. Feel free to comment, give it a like and subscribe. And good luck to all participants!
I also want to give a huge thank you to The Rookies, which is considered the most important platform for talent in the creative media industry, for organizing this contest!
Links to my entry:

More at ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w0gygV
Soft: Arnold Renderer, Reallusion, Maxon ZBrush, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Substance 3D, Marvelous Designer, Rizom-UV
The biggest news of the week is the mass migration of the artist community to Cara, after Meta launched Meta AI on its platforms, which allows artists’ work to be used without their consent. So a lot of artist friends are switching to the Cara art platform, which to my knowledge does not allow AI to scan artists’ work. So if you want to publish your work in a safe place, join us, leave your links in the comments and hope to see you on Cara soon!!! https://cara.app/yuliabelyaeva

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