RomPom_sketchbook & artwork

Hi everyone!

This is my first post here and i wanted post all of my futur work .
And i really hope improve me with your suggestions !

For my first work here, it’s training sculpt on dragon head . Maybe some little change and render test in keyshot.

Thank you ! :smiley:



A little update after suggestions for the visibility of different shape , specialy for his face.
So I have tried to work on the muscle definition on the face. Now I think tested render in keyshot :slight_smile:
C&C are welcome ! Thank you ^^

Hey Guys !!
I have finish my Dragon head sculpt and this is my final screen, render with keyshot ! I hope you like it and don’t hesitate if you have any suggestions :smiley:
Here other screen and better quality !
dragon head.jpg
dragon head-4.jpg


dragon head.jpg

dragon head-4.jpg

Hi !
WIP , this is demon bust . Just try to design some creatures .

After long time , i think that i can say … " he is finished ", maybe ^^ Now i will try to create render in keyshot .

Great sculpts you got here, and love the detail. Keep it up :):+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Here my Demon sculpt inspired by Doom’s creature design ! Hope you like it and give some feedback for my next piece ! ^^ thank you and you have more pictures on my artstation ! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wyeEX

demon bustlittle.jpgdemon bust-2little.jpg

Good work indeed, especially when it is seen as part of what you show at ArtStation. I love your sketches (sketch2, Horns) and also the marble you created in SDesigner.
We’ll see more of you here I hope…

Hi everyone !! This my last work , The Grumpy Man ! Inspired by dishonored and piotr jablonski’art. I used the last brush pack of texturingxyz for the skin details in zbrush.
Hope you like it and give me some tips to improve it or will be help me for my next work ^^
here more screen in high quality

Hey guys ! It been a long time i have posted things here. I have working on some daily sketches during sculptember. Exploring some othe things and also have fun !! hope you like it. If you waited better quality you can find it on my artstation. And feel free to give me feedback! :smiley: Thank’s !