rollover menu Ui

Hey guys, i 'd like to know how to reproduce the rollover menu from the Text 3D and Vector shapes Zplugin , is there anything new in R8 Zscript ?




At the moment, this isn’t possible. There are no new zscript commands apart from the change to IKeyPress mentioned in the thread above.

i don’t understand the logic of this, really, its not possible, but the menu is real. so what the point ?
it’s a note interface that popup just under the pointer ?

The menu is hard-coded into ZBrush and it’s not available to zscript.

ha ok i hadn’t thought about that possibility ^^
thx you for all the detail on that topic so i don’t continue to mind how i could reproduce this type of menu :slight_smile:
it’s still possible to make a note interface instead and choose the option from a list.

another question related to this hard coded rool over menu, it was asked many time if it was possible via zscript to select an option from the roll over menu, exmaple was for bpr filter, if we want to enable a specific type of blend mode.
the method with Ikeypress do not work,

i tried something like that :
[IPress, “Render:Bpr Filters:BlendMode”]
[Ikeypress, ‘6’,[IPress, “Blend Modes:Add”]]

[Ikeypress, ‘6’,[IPress, “Render:Bpr Filters:BlendMode”]]

[IPress, “Render:Bpr Filters:BlendMode”]]
[Ipress, “Blend Modes:Add”]
or different other possibility like with [Iset, Blend Modes:Add, 1]
nothing is working so there is still no fix , ithought it would be resolve for every type of note interface, but it seems it’s not.

none are working , is there anything else that could fix this ?