Rodia's sketchbook

Hi everyone!
I finally have the time to dedicate to really learn zbrush and improve my modelling and workflows.
Since I’m focusing in getting a job in the game cinematics industry (hopefully blur…), I’ll be posting here all the work I’ll be doing the next few month.

Here is the first one, done few weeks ago.

and here’s the second one.

Any feedback or tips are welcome!

nice sculpts, love the top render

Great work, I really love the renders, what are you using for them?

All the best

  • Gerard

I love the these sculpts. Especially the second one, oh and no symmetry, thats good , really good. Nice renders. :+1:

Great stuff, really like the first head :+1:

These are inspiring - I’d like to try.

great Start, keep going

thanks everyone!
Capital_G: all my renders are done with 3ds Max/vray.


well, that was a nice weekend…good company, a big shiny sun and another speed!!
here’s one of my heroes. I think I’ll take this one a bit further, so tomorrow I’ll be doing his textures and moving to Max to do the final render with hair and stuff.


Amaing work~Very like them!Keep it up!:+1:

Very good job.

nice. great work.

Great sculpts… and start to your sketchbook…:slight_smile: :+1:

Maybe smooth off the top hairline where it meets the forhead skin on that last Johnny Cash one.:slight_smile:

Thanks guys!
SpiritDreamer: yes. right now I’m working on the render, so I’ll be doing his hair with hair and fur, I think.

Hi everybody!
not many additions to my sketchbook since a long time…I’ve been kind of busy the last few weeks (I got a small job…) so I haven’t been able to finish this project. It really wasn’t meant to last this long so I’m getting a bit tired of working on it.

Here you have a rough Vray SSS2 test (no photoshop). I must say it’s a pretty amazing shader. There are a few options and it’s kind of hard to make them work at first but now I’m pretty satisfied. There’s still work to do with the maps since I have some procedurals right now.
Now that he has a texture I can see that there’s still some modelling left to do so there’s nothing really finished in this image.

Next will be hair and then I’ll try to make a more interesting pose than just a front view for the final image .


Very nice render! there is life in him, very hard to achieve :+1:

Wow. Since you’ve done a great job making the settings work for you, would you mind sharing them and sharing the lighting and rendering setup?

Infinite: thanks mate :D. really nice to see you here.
fatimah: I thanks to Montyband, by the way. here’s all you need to know http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=87167

Wow that is looking impressive, very realistic.
Im trying to figure out vraysss2 myself, I’m wondering how did you go about making the epidermal and subdermal maps? are they just red/pale versions of the diffuse? I really dont understand any of the settings so far…
Looking forward to your next update:+1: