Rockstar6's Sketchbook

Hey all,

This is the first time I’m posting some of my recent Zbrush work here on the forum :slight_smile: Feel free to give critique if you’d like!


Stefan Groenewoud

High to Low poly concrete pillar (game-art):





Some experimentation with fabric sculpting for pouches and trying to improve/renew my workflow.


Those are some awesome pouches, and I never thought I’d utter that sentence. Got any tips?

Hey, yeah I’ll briefly explain my workflow:
Basically what I did was create a rough shape (like 3 parts, main part, flap on the side, flap in de middle) for the pouch itself in Max. From there I extracted the smaller parts and started adding more details. The tools were all created (expect for the ribe keys) in Zbrush from a basic primitive and Dynamesh to get a better distribution of polies. The cables were done in Max from a spline with some tweaking, I rushed the asset a bit so I should’ve taken a bit more time to get those cables indeed right. The wear and tear was simply done with masking and claytubes brush and a custom IMM brush that has some fabric straws.

This alien bug looks yummy. I started wondering - what does it taste like, when fried with a lazer beam?:rolleyes:

the pockets and the utility bag looks amazing, well done with that !