Hello friends, this project is inspired by the Dave Stevens comics and based on the Disney movie “the Rocketeer”. Prepared for 3D printing or collectibles. I hope you enjoy it.


Love it - really clean work :sunglasses::+1::star2:!!

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Nice project, looks great @chfonte2 :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thanks for the 3D printing breakdown. Very helpful.

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Can I get a stl file of your Rocketeer to try to 3D print?

hello Bob1971
Yes, I want to sell the model, but as I would lose control of the model if it were available to a person, it would have to be at a fair value, the person or the company would become the owner of the model. What is your purpose to print a single piece for you?

I 3D print movie characters for my man cave. I am NOT a business, just a collector. I print all of my characters at 40% scale (about 32" tall).

Tremendously cool! Great model!! Love the style

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Welcome back. Thank you for sharing this piece. Love me some Rocketeer. :slight_smile: I also did a Rocketeer years ago.

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hey, carlos, really great work

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Absolutely stunning work!!!

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Still haven’t heard back from you. Crazy world we live in right now. I am interested in an stl file just to print for my own collection. What would you charge?

Hello Bob1971
I am selling the file but it would be for a company or group of collectors, because I have stipulated a minimum amount that is a little high to sell to a single collector. If you are interested in purchasing together with a group of collectors, I will supply the file as soon as I receive the minimum amount I stipulated for this model.

Where do I find the amount? I am new to this site.

Hi Bob1971,
If you are interested in purchasing the STL of this model please contact us by email: chfonte2@gmail.com
kind regards, Carlos