I did this work for the Comicon Challenge in Game Artisans forum. I started a little late and took 2 weeks to be done. I choose Rocketeer because of his retro design that looks really awesome.

The final model has 6958 triangles, rendered in scanline and I did some color adjustments in Photoshop for the beauty shot.


This is a real time render using Cry Engine 2

Here is the high poly in Z Brush



Man, It’s a very unique character. You’ve totally got the rocketeer style. Very well executed, to me looks like high poly, wonderfull work.

Top row!!!

Great final piece! :+1:

Nicely done. I love folds in the jacket.

Mind sharing the wires?

Oh wow, fantastic job on this. I loved the Rocketeer movie when I was a kid. For a what could have been a pretty throw-away kids movie, it featured some great design, and the Rocketeer himself was very memorable.

You do the source material justice, this is a beautiful recreation. Aces high for sure, brings back great memories just looking at it.

wow that looks great, and using the cryengine 2 i cant say i saw that one coming but its definetly pleasant to hear ^.^ Working on a slight mod of some sort maybe ;)?

What a great model… :+1:

this is awesome
great modeling and texturing
final result is quiet amazing
super job man :smiley:

My favourite, for sure !
Great texturing job !

really nice, and nice choice, too bad dave stevens is no longer with us to see this.

it is really nice.