Rock Materials For Download!

Well, I was playing around with the double spherical blend material. In tying to make a good rock texture for various parts of a cave, I come up with a few materials that I though were just too cool to keep to myself…lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

So here they are!


   :white_small_square:[Rock Materials1.zip](http://www2.zbrushcentral.com/zbc_uploads/user_file-1046370329ogk.zip)

   :white_small_square:[Rock Materials2.zip](http://www2.zbrushcentral.com/zbc_uploads/user_file-1046370511axc.zip)

Some Things to Note:

:large_orange_diamond:The samples above were drawn with a white color selected. So if the materials look a little plain…its because they are. So there are several things you can do to personalize these materials.

  :large_orange_diamond: Play around with the material's Noise Amount, Noise Curve, and Noise Radius.

  :large_orange_diamond: Try adding a touch of Colorized Diffusion and Colorized Specular of your choice for even more variations.

  :large_orange_diamond: Don't forget that after you have the object snapshot to the canvas, painting color variations with the Simple Brush or Colorized Brush (RGB Only!) can make them look even more realistic.

  :large_orange_diamond: Have Fun!!! These are just suggestions but you know you can do whatever it is you want.       ;)

On a final note, I have included the lighting Setup from the image above. I believe that high ambient settings in either materials or lights rob the image if certain details in overall tonal range. Try it out, see what I mean.

Enjoy Everyone!

looking very cool, MTB! :+1: :+1: :+1: vielen dank! :smiley:

  • juandel

those look really cool , thx mtb


I’m going to download and try them with my skins instead of rocks :slight_smile:

I’ll share results…

Very handy - thanks for sharing. :+1: :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks for sharing!! you just cannot have too many textures :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :ex:

Yes, thanks for the gift.

Thank you very much Mahlikus!. The material in the top middle looks VERY realistic.
I’ll go try it out! :slight_smile:

Does anyone have these alphas?

links not working for me :cry: