Robot Spider Monkey- WIP

Here is a WIP of of project I rescued from my pile of unfinished work. Its still not done but I thought It was far enough along to share. I want to try a less chrome look to him next…somthing a bit more industrial/ steam punkesqe…

Hope you like it!

Yes, a steampunk look would suit it very nicely. It is kinda freaking me out, lol, it reminds me of toy story!

“it reminds me of toy story!”

I can see that…but I am actully just ripping myself off…I created a character a few of you might remember from some years ago…




lol! Oh yeah, now that I see it; it reminds me of that also! :smiley:

Here is a close up

Oh, cool! I never knew the brain monster was done “Mortal Combat” style with a physical model.

Keep us updated on your robo-monkey!

Here is an updated render…I will posts some some shots of him in zb next.


He has lost a lot of his attitude with this one, I had modeled the grimace in the earlier pics just temporary till I get this guy face rigged.After he is rigged I plan to enhance the the motion with by using Zbrush to create some extreme wrinkles and unwrinkle maps that will be driven by compression and stretch maps.

All maps for this were painted free hand in ZB, no photo shop texture work at all with this one at this stage.

I still have plenty to do…his detail is a bit lacking areas… his teeth need some serious work still. And then I still have to texture his body.



Maybe you should try a different “backshape” other than a spaceship… (it looks a bit like it’s photoshopped…)
You could blow some mind up ~!

Its funny you should call him that… I painted and maintained Robocop during shooting of the first robocop…and worked on the sequels as well…here I am standing next o robo while working on robocop 2.

[attach=186435]Me and Robo.jpg[/attach]


Me and Robo.jpg

I can see that…but its really based on a tarantulas shape. It wont be all chrome and shiny when I am done…it will look more like a old forklift.

oh, cewl!, im curious !!!

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait… you worked on Robocop and you also worked for id and made the Arachnotron?


If I had a uterus I would offer to have your babies.

I like the original model you were showing here. I’d love to see what the mechanism is that attaches the monkey’s head to the rest of the contraption. Right now it kind of looks like it’s floating.

Here are some z grabs




the Ape looks really great.
i like that shiny chrome look:+1:

“we’re not worthy!!”
“we’re not worthy!!”

LOL- Yes I did…and a bunch of other stuff to too…monstermaker can tell you about how I forgot to turn the foam latex oven once while working on Coming to America for him :wink: Working for him was a dream come true…learned a lot while working with him.

Here is a few more Doom pics I found on my hard drive

You can kind of see it here…it pivots at both the base and head…and the is a hinge for tilting up and down…the base telescopes up so he can rais his head like a parascope.

owireframe from softimage

Robocop is one of my favorite movies. I saw it in theaters. I believe I was 3 at the time. It may be responsible for my gore/horror movie fascination.

I wasn’t aware they made maquettes for doom. Really cool seeing that!

Lol at your rip off of your own character! The monkey’s head is really creepy. Reminds me of the Toy Story spider baby in Sids house.

love the monkey really great work i gotta ask how did you do your wireframe shot? was it a screen dump from max or maya or some such? its somethng that ive recently tried to do with maya with out using screen dumps and did not come out very well.

…yea, that’s not creepy at all.

nice work on the materials. and mood.