Roberto Benigni

I have the pleasure to introduce you Roberto Benigni!
He is an extraordinary comedian, actor, director and poet. But above all, a life teacher, at least for me!
And it is for this reason that I decided to pay tribute to him with a 3D portrait.
I did this portrait thanks to the precious lessons of Kris Costa during the online course
Everything is done by hand in ZBrush, from the HD sculpt to the albedo and specular map. While the grooming was done in Maya with xgen.
I’m still not 100% happy with this project, especially for the grooming, but it’s time to call it done and move to the next one!

benigni09 benigni01 benigni02 benigni03 benigni04 benigni05 benigni06 benigni07 benigni08 benigni10 benigni11



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Great work : )

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Genius actor, splendid interpretation, especially Roberto’s expression. Spectacular :slight_smile:

Bravissimo :+1:

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This would look so much better if the pores were not so uniform in scale and shape, note that pores change their shape along with the underlying wrinkles making them look compressed and stretched.
Also, the pores look more like what you would usually see on someones hand.
It’s an easy fix that would make this already beautiful piece so much better.

Thank you! I will be more careful with the pores on the next work :slight_smile:

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tale e quale :slight_smile:

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I DIG it! I appreciate how humble you are. Cant wait to see more.