Robert Hazarapetyan's (Pashayan) sketchbook

Hi people I’m new here, I’ll present here my works… :slight_smile:

There’s one, I’m trying to do the 3D portrait of my friend…


Well I’m far from total resemblance, but I still working on it…

Voila, the Base mesh with Zbrush Render…

[[attach=190729]#1  ARUS.jpg[/attach]]![#1 ARUS.jpg|1024x492](upload://oEn2mayOouVoGKM2RqGZlqnYDVc.jpeg)

And here are the 3ds Max Vray Test Renders…




I wouldn’t say you are far away from a resemblance at all. In fact, that’s a very good likeness. Nice work :+1:

This is one of my last finished works
Tigranes II The Great King of Armenia

Base Mesh made in 3ds MAx…



Final Renders On 3ds Max with Vray

[[attach=190742]RENDER 27 sm.jpg[/attach]]RENDER 27 sm.jpg

[[attach=190743]RENDER 28 sm.jpg[/attach]]RENDER 28 sm.jpg

Thank you Pablo… I’m waiting for new photographic material to evolve this work :laughing:

Here’s another work in progress…

I named Him Leviathan :D Here's the Zbrush Render slightly retouched with Photoshop [![Zb Render normal.jpg|688x720](upload://i9ViyNFSpGCBZHRXWIbExvESx2a.jpeg)]![original photo.jpg|750x700](upload://gcC1nb9JFCuLxGeEOiymIMU8ETW.jpeg)



Base Mesh.jpg

back 2.jpg


Front 45 2.jpg

Other storys of Levy 4.jpg

Zb hand.jpg

tot 1.jpg

I think the Leviathan could have a bit more work ;D but… the last image you made, i guess in photoshop, its great ;D and good polypainting aswell in the last picture.

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
It’s True :wink: But Levithans for me was just an exercise for develop some qualities, normally this kind of creatures do not belong to my imaginary word. :smiley:

Hi guys, I’m working on this Mythological Creature Statue, and Before I complete the work on wings and pass to HD sculpting… I just want share with you some images …

All critics are welcome !!! :wink:


Cool statue, looks very nice
and I really like Leviathan.
I look forward to seeing more

[ARYUC 5.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘191274’,‘ARYUC%205.jpg’,1,0))

DisownedBeef tanks :wink:

Hi Arman…Very much like the direction that you are going in with your works…Always nice to see imagination at work using these new digital technologies… which takes sculpture to a higher level…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks, Classical Art it’s the perfection of all the Perfections !!! :wink:

And here one almost finished work…

[ALL 0.jpg]

And here some 3ds Max Vray Test Render, with the photo of girl … for comparing :rolleyes:

[MAX 11.jpg]compare 1.jpg

Robert - I enjoy keeping up with your work. Your traditional roots are inspirational to me so I say this with great respect for your traditional talent.

I think you might benefit from changing your workflow slightly - your drawings on your sight are very nice - since it is (for me and many others) easier to translate black and white information than a photo when sculpting you might want to consider drawing your target and then using that in conjunction to the photo reference for your sculpting workflow.

While it is true that someone can be a great sculptor without 2d skills, it seems to be much easier, in my experience, for a talented 2d person to move into the sculpting world when they utilize their 2d skills in the process - just a thought:).

The proof is in the pudding…BEAUTIFUL WORK, PROCESS, and… END RESULT…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
CHEERS :slight_smile:

Thank you very much guys, I want to share with you some new Renders :wink:

[![DARK RENDER STONE 1.jpg|768x1024](upload://laBuWK8YvMILKoyZm9Q8mG4yt4K.jpeg)]![FINAL.jpg|1200x900](upload://tO1i9H6sd7wd01av4uLYKJlSo37.jpeg)



The last one is done so well that I would almost swear it is your reference - not your completed work, very nice! :+1:

I like your last image. :+1:
I like this sculpt anyway :+1:
What I enjoy most, is that this may seem as a classic sculpt but it isn’t really.
Well done. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks hosch & michalis. :wink: Actually the golden one it’s not good to me… I want to play with it a little :slight_smile: