River's lake

River’s lake

A: hi! Hello everyone. I’m very happy to share my new work

The model is almost done by ZBrush, and I’m glad ZBrush has given me the help and learning.
I am a wuxia fan and love three kingdoms, so I have the idea of combining The Three Kingdoms with wuxia. Therefore, this work is based on sun quan in hubei county (wuchang). History gave him a good evaluation of him, and even cao cao appreciated him, saying, “son should be like sun zhongmou”.
What happened to the people of the past thousand years, the remains of the relics are still to be said.
In the history of ezhou, The Three Kingdoms period is a very important period, the most influential historical figure is the king sun quan.
Before The Three Kingdoms, the state of ezhou had successively been the fief and the wangfu fiefdoms, with the historical tide, the ancient city has experienced many vicissitudes. Until the end of the eastern han dynasty, it was only a small county. In soochow sun quan in seized the dominance in the middle reach of Yangtze river, after stable situation in jingzhou, the center of his rule from hubei province public security moved to hubei county, building the Wu Changcheng here, make ezhou soon had a larger development, started a new height. As a political, economic and cultural center of The Three Kingdoms, gu wuchang became the first capital of dongwu and became an ancient city in the history of Chinese civilization.
I hope I can get everyone’s support and love ~ thank you. Reference to original painting by author (KD)





Very good story
That’s what I like.I love kung fu
good job:D:D

Truly epic! I’m so inspired by the amount of work that goes into creating a fully realized scene like this.

I can see the vast amount of hard work you’ve put in and it has come out really well. Top notch artwork my friend.

Love Three Kingdoms! This is an excellent composition.

dude the amount of effort and time spent on this art is unbelievable … great work

Nice work and story